Saturday, November 28, 2009

Making paint I

After learning about Mughal painters, I discussed with the children what materials were used to make paint.  I prepared cards with descriptions (not quite 3-part cards) and presented each to the children.  Five of the pigments are minerals or oxide.  One comes from a bright insect called the lac insect, another pigment comes from the indigo plant, and the most interesting (and the strangest) is peori; which is a yellow that comes from the urine of cows fed a diet of only mango leaves. 172 165 170 169 166 167 171


  1. I love your cards! Great idea!

  2. Cool, thanks. I make cards a lot because of my Montessori training. I think it really opened up my mind to being more creative. Our instructors would always bring in materials they had made by hand, and I was quite inspired.