Sunday, November 1, 2009

“What’s Funny When”

I was in the doctor’s office and decided to pick up a parenting magazine (unfortunately I cannot remember the name), and stumbled across an article on what is funny to children at what age.  I would like to share it what they presented.

4-6 Months:
    Bouncing, tickling, other physical stimulation

6-12 Months:
   Unusual behavior of familiar people

12 Months - 5 Years:
  Misuse of objects
     (“Let me answer my shoe phone”)

2 to 4 Years:
   Nonsense words, Misnamed Objects
    (Dr. Seuss comes to mind, here)

3 to 6 Years:
   Conceptual incongruity
     (“That bear seems to be enjoying his ice cream cone”)

7 + Years:
   Word play, puns
     (Knock, knock jokes)



  1. Interesting! I once read that much of humor for kids is based on what point they are at developmentally. The example they used was if you were to cover your eyes and ask a child if they could see you. A child who had just figured out that concept would find it very funny. A child any younger wouldn't get it, and one any older would think it was a stupid question.

  2. In my experience, humor with kids...or with anyone can be very long as I know how to have a balance-just like anything.
    Thank you for the post...
    Your blog is very informative! Thank you for all the great information!
    Two-year-olds love 'slapstick humor'..(Three Stooges, Tom & Jerry, etc.)