Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Art in the Montessori Classroom

This past Saturday the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association (PNMA) organized a quite engaging workshop on art in the Montessori classroom.  It was held in the same building Montessori Garden just moved to.  

During registration, before the event began we took a tour of their beautiful classrooms.  Here are some pictures from one particular classroom:

Art.inthe.Montessori.Classroom 021 Art.inthe.Montessori.Classroom 017


Art.inthe.Montessori.Classroom 024 Art.inthe.Montessori.Classroom 028

Art.inthe.Montessori.Classroom 031 Art.inthe.Montessori.Classroom 033

The classroom is quite spacious, I took a picture of the entire classroom, but there were many other Montessori teachers in the photo, and I did not want to post without their permission. 


The workshop itself was amazing.  Two very talented art teachers arranged 10 different work stations, each were numbered 1-10.  We began the workshop at whatever number table was listed on our nametag. 



Art.inthe.Montessori.Classroom 046 Art.inthe.Montessori.Classroom 051
I started at the Challenge Table.     Then moved to Picasso Faces.


Art.inthe.Montessori.Classroom 084 Art.inthe.Montessori.Classroom 109
Examples of art subject areas.   By far my favorite table. 


I think the video posted on the PNMA website gives you an idea:

This was the best workshop I have attended, and I can’t say last year’s workshops were dull.  This one was just so phenomenal that it really can’t be beat.  We all had a blast.  And we got to take home lesson plans and samples. Hooray!

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  1. well, hope to see some of that in the classroom:)