Saturday, October 17, 2009

Noun Booklet

Some of the students have been studying about nouns, and I decided to have them make booklets including the different types of nouns for their own reference (and because it’s always fun to make a personalized booklets – in fact I had other students who were not working on nouns asking when they would get to make noun booklets).  With the youngest students, I sat down and assembled the booklets step-by-step with them.  For older students who were working on nouns, I placed all the necessary materials in a basket along with instructions and a finished booklet as a model.

Curriculum Night.etc 007    This basket was placed on    
    the grammar shelf.
Curriculum Night.etc 013Instructions for students to read and follow.
Curriculum Night.etc 008
Booklet I assembled and had 
available as a model for students.
Curriculum Night.etc 009
First section of My Noun Booklet.

Curriculum Night.etc 011
Second section.
Curriculum Night.etc 012 
Third section.

As students learn about (or review) each type of noun, they will give a definition in the respective section in their noun booklet along with examples. 

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