Sunday, October 18, 2009

Penmanship: Cursive Practice

I had a book on cursive that has “reproducibles” of the different groups of letters.  I decided to “Montessorize” the book and use it in the classroom – as I know the students need to work on their cursive (an oft-forgotten skill these days, alas).  I photocopied the first page, glued it to a bright yellow background (not sure if there is a particular color for penmanship or writing), and laminated it using a 5 millimeter laminating pocket.  I placed it on a clipboard along with a small dry erase marker.  
 Idaho.etc 014
The students can practice tracing the letters, then writing them on the workboard shown in the photo above, and finally by the end of the week turn in their practice words on a separate piece of paper as an assignment.

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  1. Hello. I ran across your blog while searching for penmanship assistance for my 7 year old son. There seems to be a consensus that penmanship is no longer important because everything is done on keyboards or by voice - even going as far as secure online electronic signatures that are simply a typed name. I disagree, and am working on points to discuss with my son's school. Would you happen to have any input that might help me sway them into spending more time on penmanship? It would be anonymous, and very helpful to me! Thanks so much for your blog post. I plan on making a re-usable sheet and clipboard like you've shown for home practice.